Idea of the (yester)day: Advernautical Edutainment

This is all kinds of interesting.

Three important pieces of context:
1) Over 16 years of Angry Birds playing time is clocked up every single hour; Rovio are now valued at $1bn+
2) NASA funding is under constant threat, never more so than in these straitened times
3) Samsung are desperate to confound Apple at every turn

So for the launch of Angry Birds space, they have got a NASA astronaut on the space station to demonstrate the physics principles at work in the new game – with Samsung providing the tech support in exchange for demonstrating the game on a Galaxy phone.

NASA are being paid for this by taking an undisclosed cut from sales of the new game, and keep their legitimacy intact because their role is to educate young people on physical principles.

Samsung get an association with both a powerful tech story and a powerful force in gaming (41% of Angry Birds downloads have been on the Android platform).

Angry Birds get a global launch from probably the one organisation that can talk to the whole world about space with complete authority.

Clever clever clever.

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