Idea Of The Day – Hiut Denim

Hiut Denim is about to launch, from the people behind the Howies brand (before they sold it).

It’s an interesting company for a couple of reasons:

1) It’s only going to make jeans – they’re focusing on one thing, a bit like Red Bull.only

2) It’s based in Cardigan in Wales, where the founder grew up, and which happened to be the location of the biggest jeans factory in the UK until it got closed down years ago. 10% of the 4,000 population town used to make jeans. Now they will again. This is an excellent example of “sweating your assets” or making the best of what’s around you.

3) They want to make jeans that are particularly hard-wearing. And because their jeans will be built to last, they’re going to put a “history tag” in every pair of jeans. It’s not clear exactly how this will work – presumably some kind of qr code attached to the jeans – but the founder describes a number of uses: you can scan the tag to reach an online destination which tells you when your jeans were made and who by. You can upload pictures of you wearing the jeans to the online “history”. And when you find a pair in a charity shop or they’re handed down, you can check the tag to see where they’ve been. This might not always be something you’d want to see of course…

Website here…

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  • Steve Gladdis

    I should add here that David Hieatt, the founder, talked about these things at the Google Firestarter event on Tuesday, so thanks to him and them for the inspiration for the post.

  • Adrian Lee

    Very cool, Oxfam are doing something similar too: