Point – Know – Buy

Here’s trend watching’s February report which is worth a look as it shows how POINT-KNOW-BUY will reshape consumers’ info-expectations, search behavior and purchasing patterns.

Their definition of what  POINT-KNOW-BUY:

”With textual search and information now abundantly available to most people most of the time, the race is on to make instant visual search and information ubiquitous too. Any real world object (if not person) will soon be able to be ‘known’ by on-the-go consumers equipped with smart phones, which can be pointed at anything to retrieve/find related information on a whim. And yes, some commerce may follow from that as well.”

It’s packed full of great examples, for instance, ‘find my face’, the facial recognition tool that Google launched in December 2011, and

 Skinscan, an app which allows users to scan and monitor moles over time, with the aim of preventing malignant skin cancers.

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