idea of the day: Musical dressing rooms

A pilot scheme in Singapore has been playing around with different types of music in dressing rooms to see which increases the chances of a final sale. From a collection of 10,000 songs from 16 different genres a different song is played depending on what type of clothing is being tried and who is trying it on.

The system basically works with RFID chips affixed to the merchandise, an installed RFID reader in the dressing room, and directional speakers that go straight to the person trying on the clothing.

The above diagram presented at Midem by UK-based marketing firm Contagious, which actually put the concept (and network of clothing retailers) together for the Singapore-based StarHub Online Music Store.

And there’s a twist – whilst the person is trying stuff on StarHub sends an unsolicited, proximity based SMS to potential customers which includes the name of the song being played and lets the user instantly download the track for free.

However, the customer has no idea that the chip and reader are there….

Contagious, (who came up with the concept), noted that 84 percent of texts resulted in completed downloads, with a total of 47,000 downloads during the campaign. “The important thing is that the user isn’t aware of any of that technology,” said Contagious’ Will Sansom. “They aren’t asked to download anything, scan anything, opt-in to anything…”

Scarily intrusive or a great example of experimentation & learning?

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