Idea of the day: Trojan Horses

Afternoon..Wednesday already and I find myself 2 days behind with IOTD – Gah! Sorry, must try harder…

Feeling a little down? Or alternatively, on top of the world and want to share some of that love? Well get yourself along to Emotional Bag check and you can choose whether to offload a problem in exchange for a crowd sourced song to cheer you up, or pick a song that you think will make someone else feel better.

Once you’ve shared a song with someone, you get access to the stats, which show the most popular songs to be requested. In at number 19 – “You’re Beautiful”. The fact that someone might read about your heartache and send you James Blunt is actually depressing in itself.

Anyway, it’s pleasing in its simplicity, and strangely compulsive, but what’s most interesting is that music site Grooveshark have thought up an interesting way into their site based on the insight that music makes it all a little bit better. Unless it’s James Blunt that is.

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  • Emotional Bag Check

    Glad you like it! It uses grooveshark to get songs but I’m not affiliated with grooveshark (for the record)