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1. We ran a stim day for GSK back in february, where the guy who founded Seatwave talked about responsiveness and the move to shorter (45 day, 30 day, even 7 day) planning cycles. Since then, Google have given us a taste of real time insights, and here our friends at trendwatching have got some interesting thoughts on the importance of “now”….. More in this vein coming soon…

2. In line with quicker, faster, stronger, maybe rational behaviour is a thing of the past?

3. Comms as route to your product or product as route to your comms? The line is blurring and more than ever, comms is becoming a brand experience and consumer destination in its own right…. Which means increasingly brand advocates aren’t only those who buy your products. Question is how to monetise that- Nike have found ways to do it and are apparently moving to a model where product purchase via any channel automatically triggers entry into their comms…..

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