useful and interesting 5.06.09

this week i’ve mostly been trying to find reasons not to go to the launch of big brother 10 . . . and i roundly failed. . . more on that later/ somewhere else


now call me old fashioned, but why is this an either/or debate and not one of lafley’s integrated thinking things . . . ? well, it shouldn’t be and thats why we’re going to carry on a banging on about ziggin and a zaggin between data and method . . .  architects are artists, natural physicists and geometry students not just geometry students or artists

2) do you all need an opinion on right now ? this . . .i’ve found myself in two interesting conversations about this recently

a) via text with our mobile phone friends who are beginning to believe in integrating digital media and creative

b) with our friends at glaxo, who struggled to buy an online campaign until we helped them visualise what the creative would be, do and why it should exist – not often we have to do that to sell in a tv plan is it ?


a nice exercise in visualisation of the internet for people, maybe something you can use with clients, maybe something you can use for medium method or maybe just some nice hand-drawn maps . . .


its all about the flux (if any of you have small boys and watch galactik football you may have a clue what i’m talking about) – strategy and execution don’t stand still, so don’t let them


i just like the quote . . . and having spent last night at the front of the baying crowd of big brother enthusiasts can roundly say i have done my share of this for the month and will be retreating into the two stone roses albums on rotation until i regain my sanity

and finally just because walshy and i have been obsessing about micro-interactions i thought i’d point you back to this and maybe mention it ain’t just a brand planning thang but a client and media owner conversations mapping thang


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  • Faye Turner

    Love the Internet Mapping project, it’s extremely insightful, just from a handful of those pictures. What I think would be really interesting to do is replicate this from a kid’s perspective to see how different their maps are!

  • R_W_I

    One of the nicest/more impressive maps of the internet that I’ve seen recently is this one that’s based on the Tokyo subway system. Each line represents an area of the web (knowledge, entertainment, news etc) and each ‘station’/site is placed in terms of its influence and sized relative to its traffic.

  • RWI : Claire

    these internet maps are really interesting! i had a look over on flickr and there are a few maps from young people who have drawn their perceptions of the internet….interestingly their maps seem to be focused on their direct experience of the internet (which websites they enjoy using, what tasks they perform on the internet) rather than the connectedness/network and exponential nature of the internet that appears in a lot of the adult drawings.

    i recently conducted some depth interviews with young people and how they use the internet and these maps really fit in with our findings…the young people were very loyal visitors to a small number of sites (gaming sites, facebook/bebo, asos, football news sites etc) but seemed less likely to explore the internet for the sake of curiousity/discovery (unless they were set a homework exercise!). they also were unaware of quite how encompassing the internet often saying ‘the internet wouldn’t have things like that on there’ (there was A LOT of information on the internet about the particular topic we were discussing!).

    might this mean that young people need a little more awareness raising and guidance around the internet than (www literate) adults to get them where we want them to be??

    sorry for the long post but here are some of the younger maps if you wanna look:

  • freedimensional

    Ignore this comment – I’m testing something cool.